A Michelin star for Restaurant Jordnær at Gentofte Hotel

Newly opened Restaurant Jordnær at Gentofte Hotel awarded a Michelin star for high culinary level.

Huge applause to Restaurant Jordnær at Gentofte Hotel, which has been awarded its very first Michelin star for its high level of fine dining. Each year, the sought-after Michelin star is awarded to selected restaurants serving gourmet food of excellent standards. This year, Restaurant Jordnær has the honour of being among Denmark’s critically-acclaimed Michelin restaurants.

Behind the new Michelin restaurant are the restaurateurs Tina and Eric Vildgaard, who have experience from Fredensborg Store Kro as well as the infamous gourmet restaurant NOMA, as regards Eric Vildgaard. Following a thorough renovation of the restaurant and kitchen in Gentofte, the couple was able to open the newly transformed Restaurant Jordnær in Aril 2017 at Gentofte Hotel in scenic surroundings.

Despite the restaurant’s humble name ‘Jordnær’ (meaning ‘down-to-earth’), the ambition has been clear from the very beginning: To the stars and beyond.  
With great emphasis on sustainability and high quality produce, the restaurant offers culinary experiences with origin in the Nordic kitchen. Each day, the very best produce is handpicked, ranging from delicious green, local herbs to freshly caught fish from Arresø, and each night, the produce is transformed into delicate gourmet meals in the kitchen of Restaurant Jordnær.

As a guest at the new Michelin restaurant, you can choose between 3, 5 and 7 course menus, just like you can order à la carte. The restaurant and Gentofte Hotel are located in the centre of Gentofte close to Gentofte Lake and just 9 kilometres from Copenhagen City Hall Square. You can also enjoy free parking at the hotel.


About the Michelin stars
The Michelin star system was introduced in the 1930s, and the stars are awarded for the food served at the given country’s restaurants. The stars are awarded by a group of selected inspectors, who mark the food based on five guiding criteria: Quality of the products, Mastery of flavour and cooking techniques, Personality of the chef in his cuisine, Value for money and Consistency between visits.
The Michelin star is a solid mark of quality, and a restaurant may receive up to three stars.

Congratulations to Restaurant Jordnær – Denmark’s new Michelin restaurant in 2018!